Why is Online Fantasy Cricket Game So Popular in India?

Indians are crazy about cricket, and the number of cricket fans here is huge. The craze for cricket begins at an early age in India. Not just boys but even girls are seen these days actively playing cricket in the street, in schools, colleges and even on the professional level. But, many times busy lifestyle and work commitments do not allow people to let them follow their passion for the sport. Thus, online fantasy cricket is there for hardcore cricket lovers.

Online cricket lets you enjoy the game without even playing it in reality. It is an interesting concept because you can play it anywhere. Daily travels or breaks are not so boring for you if you are addicted to playing online cricket. Everyone knows basic rules of cricket, and they are same everywhere. Therefore, online cricket goes instantly popular among the people.

Indian cricket team is performing well at all levels. They are always on top in the international ICC rankings, and players are talented. Even the under-19 team and the women’s team are shining brightly in the matches. Watching the sport is a treat for fans and playing it online is even more amazing. The software and game developers try to bring in more amazing features every day so that their website is popular and people enjoy playing online cricket. Thus, more and more fantasy leagues in India are becoming mainstream.

People in India are even crazy about the cricketers. Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, etc. are the most common of the all-time favourites. Besides them, any new player who plays well takes no time in rising high on the popularity charts. Different styles and famous shots being involved in the game, brings people closer to the virtual game.

Though the popularity of other sports is increasing, cricket still remains at the top. Thus, online cricket enjoys its popularity too. So are you ready to play cricket games online?

Pradeep Batham

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