What Is Stealth Mode In The IPL Fantasy League?

For ardent fans of cricket, who never seem to get enough of the sport, The IPL Fantasy League was introduced in the year 2013, and as was expected, the lovers of cricket couldn’t be happier. Almost everyone who associated themselves with the game, participated in the fantasy cricket betting for IPL, making it a grand success, attracting newer players every year.

The league is designed in a manner that it allows a user to create and own a team. It also entitles the user to a unique name, motto and an emblem for the team. Once this has been taken care of, the user is given 10 million Fantasy Dollars. Using this amount, the user can pick a dream team, or virtual squad consisting of 11 players. As is the case with other fantasy cricket contests, the chosen players are awarded points, based on their on ground performance during their team’s online IPL match. At the end of the match, the total of each Fantasy Team is calculated, and the team with the highest points is declared as the winner of the league.

Given the increasing popularity of the IPL Fantasy League, the current version of the game has been introduced with many new features. To begin with, each team is now entitled to a ‘Scheduled Substitution’. This implies, that a user can schedule the required changes, one match in advance.

Another new feature is ‘All Star’. Under this, a user can create a star-studded fantasy squad. This is meant to give the users a chance to create teams, without any limitations, or binding regulations.

The ‘Facebook Leagues’ feature is designed to let the user know his/her rank, amongst their Facebook friends.

Then, there is a feature known as ‘Dishooms’, wherein users can send fun-filled messages to other users, playing within their league. This feature is designed to offer a more life-like and real-time experience to users.

And last, but not the least is the ‘Stealth Mode’. Thanks to this feature, a user can now choose to hide his/her team from other users. This can be especially useful in the case where one is suspicious of his/her team being copied by another user. This was often a problem when close friends or office colleagues used to compete in the same league. For what it’s worth, this feature can help the user gain a strategic advantage over his competitors in the IPL Fantasy battle. Of course, once the game is locked for the match, or hits the deadline, the team can be viewed by other users. But by then, it will be too late for them to change their cards!

So, here’s hoping we could help you get a fair idea of the all-new features of IPL league, and especially that of the Stealth Mode. Now that the fantasy cricket betting is fiercer than before, and you’re better equipped to put a great show, we hope you come out with flying colours, and yes, with those much-desired cash prizes!

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