Understanding Fantasy Sports Leagues and How It Works

Fantasy sport is a virtual and online game that is today played globally in almost all developing and developed nations of the world. It is played towards games including soccer, hockey, basketball, and cricket among others. The online game is projected to attain a $20 billion worldwide market by the year 2020.

The fantasy sports league

When you join a website for playing the fantasy sports game (for sports like soccer or cricket among others), you need to make a virtual team. This virtual team comprises of the real world players of the game and you are the owner/manager of the online and virtual sports league team. When you join the virtual sports league, you will find that there are other participants as well who have their own respective teams. As many teams participate in the online league towards winning the prize money, the winner is declared on the basis of the points attained by the team.

Points achieved by your sports league team

Your team line-up has the professional and real-world players, and they are awarded points on the basis of their real world performance. Hence when your player participates in a given match, your team gets point on the basis of his performance at the sporting event that may occur anywhere in the world.

Kinds of leagues

Apart from the main players, your team also has the substitute players. There are a number of league types on the basis of the kind of player arrangement and continuity you have.

Redraft: This league is designed for a given season. Each year/season, the owner has to create the whole virtual fantasy sport from scratch and no player can be carried from one season to another.

Keeper: As the name signifies, you can keep a few team players and carry them to your next team that you form for the next season.

Dynasty: The team owner can keep all the team players in the next season as well. Much like a dynasty, the team players are part of the combination every next time and in every gameplay of all seasons.

Drafting your team/picking up the team players

Drafting is nothing but choosing of the team players for the building up of the virtual team. You can draft a team by following the below given two methods/designs.

Snake draft: This method of choosing virtual team favours those how are new to the game. Each team owner gets a chance to choose a player in a given round of player selection. The number of rounds is equivalent to the number of players in the team. Once the round is over, the team owner who selected his or her player at the last of the previous round gets the first chance to select the player. Hence all the team owners get an almost equal probability of choosing the best of players.

Auction draft: Each owner gets a definite budget to make his team. As the name signifies he or she has to buy the players via an auction, where other team owners also bid. The players are given a certain number of points towards their auction. This method of team selection is for those who have ample of experience and knowledge in given fantasy sports league and can know which players are worth buying.
Once the team is chosen, the players get point on the basis of how they perform in the real world matches, as said earlier. The biggest point achiever gets the biggest cash prize.

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