Things That You Must Know While you are Selecting Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy cricket is trending, and people love it because it is not only entertaining but also gives some good returns on the amount they invest. Read on to know how you too can win and make some money.

Fantasy cricket belongs to a genre of fantasy sports where in contestants form a virtual team of cricket players. How the chosen players perform ins real cricket matches form the basis of points achieved. This platform is for ardent cricket enthusiasts who employ their awareness and knowledge of cricket to score the winning points.

Fantasy cricket has been successful in attracting a large number of the online players lately. You can make your cricket team and play the real-time game to enjoy the essence of cricket virtually. All you need is to register yourself on a fantasy cricket website. This game offers cash returns. Fundamentally, you have to form a virtual team of 11 players that you can choose from either of the two teams who will be battling live.

Planning a strategy and adopting adequate betting methods can help you to realise your win. If you are still perplexed about playing fantasy league cricket, the following tips will allow you to lead the pack!


Being a cricket enthusiast, it is understandable that you will have some favourite players. You cannot abstain from embracing your favourite player into your team. However, if you genuinely want to win the game, you will require limiting your emotions and thinking sensibly. Avoid favouritism at all costs. The sense behind the formation of your team should be strategically based on the pitch’s behaviour and the cricketers’ current form. Choose your 11 players cautiously so that you can assure winning at the earliest.


The most vital procedure of fantasy cricket is the creation of your own team. Therefore, it gets equally important for you to conduct thorough research on the cricket players. There is a large number of websites comprising accurate statistics and information about the cricketers. Such websites can help you evaluate their performance.


Another tip is to trust your intuition. Though it sounds strange, at times, you should rely on your instincts. The replacement of a prominent player with a fresher might influence you to continue with the trading in a flow. However, the sense is to respond to your gut. If a player is out of form and your gut demands you to keep up with him, then you must trust your impulses. It is a game of your strategy, and nobody gets it better than you. However, your instinct should be strong and have a history of being correct.


It is crucial to endow some of your time for building your team. It is equally significant to dedicate your time because you need to drop a few cricketers to profit a few cricketers. Technically, you hardly need 15 minutes of your time to observe your cricketers. This habit will certainly keep you on top. You can wholeheartedly brag about your team.

Moreover, your winning probability depends entirely on your selection of the playing 11. It is not merely a game. It is a virtual game that should be played with your wisdom. Let us have a look on the factors important for winning in the fantasy cricket.

  • Players: Favouring a player for his reputation is a grave sin. You must examine players’ performance in the previous matches to judge his dependability.
  • Pitches: Another important aspect is the nature of the pitches. A flat pitch is a paradise for batsmen while a bouncy pitch is a paradise for bowlers. It is important to track the pitch’s behaviour in the previous matches for winning.
  • Return on Investment: Some players are too expensive and do not perform according to their price tag. Banking on young players, apart from big names, is a good strategy to balance your team.
  • Bonus Points: Fantasy cricket awards advantage points for catches, stumps and run-outs. Tracking exceptional fielders and cricketers who consistently take catches can boost your points.
  • Death Bowlers: Bowlers who bowl well in the death overs can help in boosting your points because the majority of wickets fall in the final overs of the match. Having a couple of death bowlers in your team is a good strategy.
  • Top-order Batsmen: Top-order batsmen stay the maximum time on the cricket pitch and play the maximum overs. They score most of the runs and having a few top order batsmen in your team can enhance your points.
  • Choosing the Captain: Fantasy cricket offers bonus points for the Captain. Therefore, choosing an in-form all-rounder captain can be effective in maximising your points.
  • Effective Planning: Advanced planning and tracking of fixtures are crucial in fantasy cricket. Picking substitutes for your team on the basis of the future matches is pivotal.
  • Gut and Instinct: Never hesitate to trust your gut while placing a bet. You need to take chances if you wish to make a big profit.

Of late, fantasy cricket has become trendy in India. In this strategy game, a participant forms a virtual cricket team of real cricketers, and the triumph of this team depends on the actual performance of the selected cricketers. Analysing the data at hand is very significant when it comes to betting.

You need to ensure that you have software to analyse data and predict results accurately. The aforementioned tips can assist you in making money, but you must bear in mind that a lot of irrepressible circumstances controls the outcome of an actual game. Therefore, plan your game sensibly and judiciously and remember it is just a game.


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