What is RTM in IPL auction 2018 & List of the New Rule in this IPL 11 season

With IPL 2018 to hit the field in about a month’s time, it is time for all the IPL fans to refresh on the game rules so that they can truly understand what to expect with their favourite team’s performance. A lot in relation to the fate of a team in IPL is decided on the auction date as that’s when the team gets to have the players they want for the price they can pay. Getting the IPL format right is all about having the right combination of players in the team playing with all their strengths.

Considering the importance of having the right combination of players in the squad, IPL comes up with rules regarding IPL auction and some of these rules are constantly revised. The Right to Match rule for player retention is one such rule that has changed quite a bit and in the course, has changed the economics of IPL 2018 auctions significantly.

What is the RTM rule of retention in the IPL auctions?

Retention basically is a policy by the IPL that allows teams to retain a maximum of 5 players. Teams can exercise this retention by (a) retaining players prior to auction (b) exercising RTM at the auctions.

When exercising retention option prior to the auction, teams can retain a maximum of 3 players. If the team retains fewer than 3 players, then it can get an extra RTM at the auction.

The RTM or the Right to Match rule applies to teams who can retain their players at the auction by paying their auction price. So for instance, even if a player has been bought by another franchisee, the previous team can still have the player by paying the auction price.

How the retention rule changed over the years?

In 2008, the original rule of retention was that all players will be back in the auction pool after 3 years. This rule was changed in 2011 when the teams were allowed to retain a maximum of 4 players (3 of them being Indian). In 2014, the rule was further revised to allow teams to retain 5 players. This has worked to the advantage of the teams, as they can now retain their most coveted players instead of allowing them to be auctioned to a rival franchise.


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