Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Mumbai Indians, 7th Match, THU, MAR 28 2019: Fantasy Cricket Tips

When Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore meet for a match, it is always a treat to watch. Of the 25 clashes in the past, Mumbai has won 16. The statistics don’t seem to be any different by stadiums, either. The home grounds also do not seem to work in favour for team RCB. This is a clear indication that the probability of MI winning this match is higher than that of RCB. Nevertheless, the relentless home crowd will continue to hope for a win.

On the other side of the ground, there are fantasy cricket bettors trying to form their best teams and make the most out of this IPL. Here are a few tips for them to win big when RCB and MI clash against each other.

Choose Players Carefully

In spite of having some very good players, RCB has been very inconsistent in their game. They have not been able to lift the trophy even once and have had three painful losses in the finals. For fantasy players, choosing high-end players from this team and keeping the majority of the team from MI will make more sense. Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers have not met in any of the IPL finals.

With 10 new members in the RCB squad, we can hope for some positive change and a tough match between the two teams. This also makes it easier to choose from the 10 new players as there is no ambiguity about their playing stance. Only 7 new additions have been made to the MI team; the rest of the 17 players have been carried over.

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RCB Team for Fantasy Cricket

The batting line-up for Bangalore has always been strong. With various star players who are known to perform fairly well, RCB can make big contributions to your dream team. However, RCB lacks when it comes to bowling and fantasy players must be aware before taking bowling entries from this team.

MI Team for Fantasy Cricket

Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, have consistently outdone themselves. But, when looked into closely, it is not hard to find gaps in their playing strategy. The most prominent one is that MI takes a long time to settle on the table. Fantasy players must keep in mind that this match is early in the tournament and MI’s performance could not be the best.

The new MI squad has a lot of young blood to support the team. This new talent could prove to be great for the team’s game. But, including such players in your dream team is always a gamble as there is very little background information that can help you make an informed decision.

The teams are all set to face each other for the first time when they play the 7th match of the tournament. Being the 2nd match for both teams, this will decide whether the teams will start off strong or not.

Watching matches that have taken place in the past can give you a clear idea about the performance of the players and help you make the best decisions to manage your 11 in fantasy cricket.

Below is the list of batsmen for this match who should be part of your fantasy cricket team.

RCBV Kohli10-305-38.12-134.95
RCBAB de Villiers8-277-46.16-169.93
MISA Yadav10-318-31.80-127.20
MIE Lewis8-240-30.00-129.03

Below is the list of bowlers for this match who should be part of your fantasy cricket team. 

RCBUT Yadav10-12-7.16-18.0
RCBMohammed Siraj10-12-8.65-17.5
MIHH Pandya10-14-9.10-15.8
MIMJ McClenaghan9-13-8.00-15.6

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