IPL 2018: World’s Most Expensive & Richest Cricket League

IPL 2018 is a just a few weeks away and this is perhaps the right time to fuel your passion and get yourself all geared up to witness the best players from across the world to compete for their franchise’s success. Over the years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has gained a lot of momentum with the number of global fans increasing manifold. There are various reasons that have attributed to the super success that IPL has witnessed. Take it as the presence of world favourites or the Twenty20 format, the fact is that IPL is not just entertaining but quite lucrative too!

What makes IPL the most expensive cricket league in the world?

It is the popularity of IPL that is behind its superior financial success. Today, IPL as brand is valued at $ 5,500 million. Not just that, IPL is only after National Basketball Association (NBA) and English Premier League (EPL) in terms of financial standing. With a record 300% growth rate recorded in 2015/16 season, a major part of IPL’s success is attributed to the entertainment quotient of this league.

IPL has shown stupendous growth since 2008, when BCCI for the very first time the launch of the league. India worships Cricket and IPL gave the Indian audience yet another opportunity to celebrate as a united nation. The one factor that BCCI did which worked in favour of the IPL is identify the pulse of the Indian audience, which is Bollywood and Cricket. With IPL Cricketainment, Bollywood joined hands with cricket and what emerged was a wholesome entertainment package!

Massive popularity equates massive money

The television viewership crossed 100 million in 2016 for the IPL as per confirmed records from BCCI. That huge fan base is a great opportunity for brands from across the globe to reach out to their target audience and that’s exactly why big brands have their stakes on different IPL teams. All of this has contributed to an increased influx of finances into the IPL system. Brands have benefited too. Take for instance OPPO mobiles – a completely unknown brand on Indian soil a few years ago has become a common name in Indian household all because of IPL!


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