IPL 2018: All You Need To Know About How To Win Money with IPL Fantasy Game

Vivo IPL 2018 is round the corner and fantasy cricket lovers are getting ready win lots of money as they play the strategic and player management game of fantasy cricket. If you are new to the world of fantasy cricket, here are some sure shot ways of winning money playing one of the most exciting and thrilling online games.

Registering for Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is gaining popularity not just in India, but across the world. There are some very good and reputed fantasy cricket sites, like Golden Jeeto, where you can register to create your own team.

Registering is a must as it allows you to play online cricket games of IPL. Once you finish registering, the fun will begin.

Create Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Join a league to play IPL T20 fantasy cricket. Then move on to forming your team. Each team should have 11 players, including a captain and vice captain. Also, every team should necessarily have the following number of players:

  • Three batsmen

  • Three bowlers

  • One wicketkeeper

  • One all-rounder

You will be provided a credit points and you have to select players for your team within that credit amount.

Player Restriction

You have to select players from both teams that will be playing the actual IPL match. However, you cannot select more than seven players from any given team. Also, it is important to note that if your chosen player is not featured in the final 11 playing list of an IPL team, you will not be awarded any point.

Other Things to Note

To win cash prizes in IPL fantasy cricket, you will have to pay a nominal entry fee. If your team comes up on top, you could rake in a substantial amount in winnings. Cash prizes are awarded based on how your players perform on-field and the number of points your team gets after each IPL match.

So, join IPL T20 fantasy cricket today and begin preparing for the upcoming cricket fiesta. If you do your research well and select players prudently, you can win a lot playing fantasy cricket.


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