India Vs. New Zealand Series (2019): An Introduction

When the two skillful, upbeat and experienced teams face each other, cricket is on a tear and cricket enthusiasts at the edge of their seats. The exact scenario will play out when India tours New Zealand for ODI and T20I series starting January 23, 2019. The New Zealanders have been on a roll lately, demolishing oppositions in home and away conditions, while Team India is riding high on the historic test series win against hapless Australia in Australia. Along with the team morale, both units fare evenly in terms of skills, each having impact players in plenty.

The anticipation of a riveting series is also kept alive and well by the ICC ODI team ratings with India ranking 2nd and the Black Caps placed right behind at 3rd spot. Although the gap widens in the ICC T20 team rankings (India ranking 2nd while New Zealand languishing at 6), the hosts have the talent to give the visitors a run for their money. The series assume greater significance given the ICC World Cup is just round the corner. Both units will take the series as an opportunity to hone skills and strategies, test temperaments and experiment with selections.

Since both sides are on an even keel, the series will be a test of leadership for Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, and his New Zealand counterpart, Kane Williamson. The two skippers have mutual elements between them – both are accomplished batsmen, leading run scorers for their teams, and aggressive, inspirational leaders. The task is also cut out for both – while Kohli is looking to amend the debacle of India’s 2013-14 New Zealand tour, Williamson will be keen to keep the winning streak intact at the expanse of the visitors. How they fare with the bat will determine the prospects of their teams and build on a rivalry expected to go far into the future.


Ind. Vs NZ Series Format:

The upcoming India tour of New Zealand will be a spectacle for wham-bang cricket fans while the purists will be a bit disappointed. The tour itinerary features five ODIs and three T20Is while skipping test matches outright for the fear of prolonging Team India’s stay Down Under. Notably, India is presently in Australia on a grueling 3-month long tour and will cross borders directly to participate in the bilateral series against the Black Caps.


T20I Matches:

Match NumberDateVenueTime
1st T20IFeb 6 2019Westpac Stadium, Wellington 12:30 PM
07:00 AM GMT / 08:00 PM LOCAL
2nd T20IFeb 8 2019Eden Park, Auckland 11:30 AM
06:00 AM GMT / 07:00 PM LOCAL
3rd T20IFeb 10 2019Seddon Park, Hamilton 12:30 PM
07:00 AM GMT / 08:00 PM LOCAL



V Kohli (c)Top-order batsman
KK AhmedBowler
YS ChahalBowler
S DhawanOpening batsman
MS Dhoni †Wicketkeeper batsman
KM JadhavBatting allrounder
KD Karthik †Wicketkeeper batsman
Kuldeep YadavBowler
KH PandyaAllrounder
RR Pant †Wicketkeeper batsman
V ShankarAllrounder
RG SharmaTop-order batsman
Shubman GillOpening batsman


You can also check details for last few India vs New Zealand matches to get an idea which team would be the winner in this upcoming matches.

New Zealand tour of India 2017/18India
New Zealand tour of India 2017/18New Zealand
 New Zealand tour of India 2017/18India
World T20New Zealand
New Zealand tour of India 2012New Zealand

ODI Matches:

Match NumberDateVenueTime
1st ODIJan 23 2019McLean Park, Napier 7:30 AM
02:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
2nd ODIJan 26 2019Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 7:30 AM
02:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
3rd ODIJan 28 2019Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 7:30 AM
02:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
4th ODIJan 31 2019Seddon Park, Hamilton 7:30 AM
02:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
5th ODIFeb 3 2019Westpac Stadium, Wellington 7:30 AM
02:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL


How to Play Fantasy Cricket for India vs. NZ Series (2019):

With India Vs New Zealand cricket games on the cards, fantasy cricket leaguers have an opportunity to fill their time, prove their cricketing awareness, and team selection skills, and help their way to hefty cash rewards. However, if you are still to embrace fantasy cricket, it’s an opportune time to make forays into the world of endless opportunities. Getting started with fantasy cricket is no rocket science provided you follow some essential steps.

Introduction: Fantasy cricket is a virtual sport that mimics real cricket in terms of selections. Simply put, you select your own playing 11 for each match of the oncoming India-New Zealand series from the options available in the real match. The selected players’ performance will earn you points, and should you outscore the fellow fantasy leaguers, expect big cash rewards. The option for playing in a one-off contest or the entire series is available. It’s all about monetizing your skills and cricketing knowledge.

How to start: For India Vs New Zealand play fantasy cricket games online, the ball gets rolling with a fantasy cricket website hunt. Presently, there are about 60 such websites, some of which are credible while the rest are just run-off-the-mill. Opt for a credible one offering great playing opportunities, easy and wholesome payouts, player’s anonymity, exciting specials, reliable customer support, and efficient service. This is crucial because the host site will be affording you the playing opportunities and rewards. Any error in judgment can cost you in earnings and overall playing experience. Once shortlisted, get registered on the website through a free, convenient and time efficient process.

How to select: Selections are the real deal in fantasy cricket that start once the registration is over. Although different hosts have different rules regarding selections, the least team requirements include 4 batsmen, 3 bowlers, and wicketkeeper and all-rounder one each. The host allots certain value to each player available for selection and the fantasy leaguer a fixed budget on which the playing 11 has to be created. So, the selection calls for practical and informed decisions. Suppose, spending 30 points on a stalwart does not make sense if the total selection budget is 100. Also, the selections have to be made from both sides, with a ‘7 players from a team’ restriction applying.

Playing Options: When your team is ready, it’s time to make it play. The host will typically offer you two options – practice match and cash contest – to field your team in. Both options are self explanatory with the Practice option allowing you to field your team in a no cash contest while cash option enabling you to play for real cash. The former is free and understandably beneficial for starters while the latter involves modest fee and great rewards provided your team performs well.

Managing the team: When playing India vs. New Zealand fantasy cricket, you can never let your guard down. At times, you are forced to swap certain player due to form and fitness issues just before the real contest gets underway. Here websites keep you covered with substation option. The number of substitutions allowed varies from website to website but majority allowing 2 per match. Some hosts even set the substation limits for entire India-New Zealand series as well.

Withdrawal: At the end of the real match, the host will publish a leader board featuring fantasy leaguers as per their points. The leaguer with the maximum points will take the bounty while second and third rankers can also expect decent remunerations. Providing consolation prizes to top 100 players is also a common ractice. If your name features on the leader board, it’s time to celebrate and draw your earnings. The payout process is generally simple, quick and efficient – just furnish a KYC and walk away with the annuity.


Tips to Create the Best Fantasy Cricket Team:

Fantasy cricket is a game of strategies. In fact, there will be over 20 million fantasy leaguers playing India Vs New Zealand play fantasy cricket games online on 60 host websites. Only if the strategy and execution part is done right, acing an intense, growing competition will be a reality. However, if you are struggling to get your strategies right, we are here to bail you out.

Research the players: Research all aspects – from form and fitness to adaptability and vulnerabilities – of each player for informed selection decisions. Online resources like are your go to research resources, offering updated and comprehensive insights into everything there is to know about cricket and cricketers.

Leave emotions aside: When excitement goes up, practicality often ebbs, leaving you regretful. So, don’t let the emotions override your practicality in team selections. Pick a player for his form and skills not just because he is your favorite.

Choose the captain wisely: Captain is your trump card in fantasy cricket, fetching you two folds the points for each performance. Your captain should be the best player, preferably an all-rounder that can get points both with the bat and ball. The same goes for the vice-captain, whose performance is worth 1.5 times that of a normal player.

Go for top order batsmen: The top order batsmen will give you a better scope for their ability to bat through the innings and rake in more runs than the middle order ones.

Opt for death bowlers: You are better served by the likes of Bumrah who can swing the ball early in the innings and dig in Yorkers in the death overs. Apparently, they have a better chance of getting wickets and giving you the wining edge.

Capitalize on substitutions: Substitutions are there to allow for amends in faulty team selections before the actual game starts. It’s in your interest to capitalize on the arrangement for better combination.


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