How to Play IPL Fantasy League and Score More and Win Money

The IPL fantasy is a virtual game in which users create their own team and can buy real players using virtual cash when they play cricket online.

There is a point system awarded to each user based on the player’s performance in the match. You can create a team that comprises of 3-5 batsmen, 1 wicket keeper, 3-5 bowlers and 1-2 all-rounders. Points are awarded based on the runs scored, wickets taken, high strike rate maintained, a low economy bowling rate maintained, stumping, run-outs, etc. The key to winning big prize is to choose right players along with the right captain and vice-captain. IPL fantasy leagues are an exciting way to play online IPL cricket games.

Here’s how you can score more at IPL T-20 Fantasy Leagues

The key to winning is choosing a batsman with high strike rate – as his chances of scoring more runs is higher. Similarly, , the bowler with a proven economy record will get more runs in a match, and hence, the league team will win more points.

Points Scored

Here’s a quick look at the point system for IPL T-20 fantasy league matches which may vary according the site:

  1. You get awarded 10 points when the batsman scores a milestone bonus for every 25 runs scored.
  2. In bowling, 20 points are awarded for every wicket and every maiden over. Extra 25 points are awarded for a hat trick – three consecutive wickets on three consecutive balls.
  3. In fielding, 10 points are awarded for every catch and run out.
  4. All the players in winning team get awarded 5 points each.
  5. Extra points are included for power play.

As is obvious, the need to plan, and strategize and create the best team is crucial to winning the game. Scoring big means more money! You can participate in daily tournaments, predict match winners, a man of the match or can enter into a fantasy championship.
So go ahead, register, choose players and win big with the right players and strategy as you play online IPL cricket games.

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