Will the team with no victory in four years, win this time? Well, the policy to win by any means and superb dedication outweighs the chances of failing. This is what Liverpool is focusing on now. They wouldn’t be chipped away at any cost and have emerged as the pundits of teams with the capacity to blow everyone away. Yeah! They have that charm to turn the team’s fortune when everyone else is guessing about their backlash.

The ravishing wins in 2013-14 made them unbeatable. After that year, they proclaimed that they will surely win next year. But that didn’t happen. Then what makes them so sure this time? Will 2019 prove as a game-changer for them?

Well, Liverpool is definitely not the same and has turned out as a strong contender to defeat the opposition. But how they actually grab this power? Their win by any means strategy is certainly grabbing everyone’s attention. Then what makes them superior to others and what’s their strategy to win that is turning them out as a strong & real contender?

Look at those reasons responsible for their ability to win in 2019:

Fast Forward Coach- Jurgen Klopp

Though every coach is good enough to handle extreme situations and let their teams win, yet Klopp is quite different and unique from them. And this is quite challenging for the teammates to match that pace, enthusiasm, and madness for the game. This inventor of heavy metal football is widely demanding by all the teams. But luckily, the Liverpool squad has got the chance to get him as their mentor.

There’s no doubt on his capacity and capability. His knack in turning the game can’t be overlooked. After a long-time period, this year he is all set to bag EPL rewards with his extreme efficiency and wondrous strategies.

Exotic Squad Qualities

Dynamic! Quick! Creative! The Liverpool squad has emerged as the top team with all qualities that make it superior to others. The puzzle that they created or more precisely their difficult to understand strategies make them just invincible. Their strength and endless ability to carry the ball, defend and attack are all superlative.

Unbeatable in Counter Attacks

Liverpool has come to light by becoming more stronger than before. The team is actually FAST! If you look at their history, then you would surely find them less active at that time. Their pace and timings were not equalizing the situations’ demand. But now they have beaten their loophole and have emerged out as so quick!

Their counter-attacks are really noticeable. Their fast counter-attacks can destroy any team within seconds for sure. Just as 2013-14 was worthy to enjoy, this year as well, it would be quite appealing to witness their speed. Looking at the strong players, Van Dijk, Alisson, and even the whole team, they will not let you stay in front of them.

Great at Defense

History is evident, Liverpool is known for its excellent defensive techniques. Yes, in some of the matches they lost because of their weak defense. But now, as they are ready to win at any cost, they have strengthened their defensive power.

In earlier matches, their interception of every ball showcased their proficiency in this area. They are magnificent enough to manage it and the opposite teams are quite worried about it.

These were just the glimpses. The real strategy of Liverpool in this EPL is to win ugly. With every effort and complete capacity, they want to win at any cost and can’t let this year go wasted by falling down. They are ready to rock and will surely win with their greatest capacities.

Though the team members look jittery because of their earlier performances, still their unbeatable enthusiasm can do miracles right away. Mohammad Salah is a great player and along with Firmino and Mane, he has established unexcelled attacking force for which all others are afraid. They will surely hit the target.

Moreover, Anfield has been expanded which will again prove as a plus point for the team. The cheering audience will be more audible to elevate their enthusiasm.

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