How Exactly Do We Earn Money By Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Winning at fantasy cricket IPL games is everyone’s fantasy. Yes, it does involve a little bit of luck but that is not something which can be controlled. What we do have control over is the knowledge of cricket and our own gut feeling which can help anyone win fantasy IPL online cricket games. The key lies in choosing the right team. Given below are thus a few points which can help you choose the right team:

Not Keeping Favourites

Do not always pick favorites. We tend to get attached to them as we love them hit the boundaries or scalp the wickets but if they are going through a rough patch, it is best not to include them in the playing eleven.

Conducting Research

If you want your team to win, then it is essential that you do your research and find out who would be the best players for your team even if they have not yet made a name. There are a number of online sources which can be used for doing this research. All you need to do, is type in the name of the player and find out how they have fared in their recent outings.

Checking Trading Deadlines

Once you have selected your team after conducting an in-depth research online as to who will be the best fit. You are all set and bragging how you will find the fantasy cricket IPL games but are you really sure you have selected the right team?

When it comes to fantasy cricket, it is really difficult to determine whether or not the right team has been assembled. The best solution here is to check which teams are playing and it can go a long way in helping you win online cricket games. For instance, if you have chosen a player who does not get to play in the Champions League, then it would just be a waste of your trades. So, choose smartly.

Using your Gut

In the first point it had been explained that it is best to keep a player out of the squad who is going through a rough patch. However, many times, players come back and turn out to excel even their former best versions. In such the only option is to stick by your gut. Thus, if a player is not performing up to the mark but you have a very strong gut feeling that he will do well then you should go ahead with it.

Checking the Team Each Day

When playing online cricket games, most individuals tend to make the mistake of not going through the performance of their team each day. The process barely takes fifteen minutes and most people are not ready to do that which is a huge mistake. It is important to find out how the players are doing, whose performance is good and who has gotten injured and might miss a crucial match or the entire tournament altogether. Doing this can go a long way in selecting the right team and players when playing online cricket games.


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