History of Fantasy Sports: Overview


If you are an online gamer and love to play fantasy sports, then obviously you would be excited to know about the history of fantasy sports. Fantasy sports has a very exciting history. You might come across a different story from various player. But the history remains one and here is the brief overview of fantasy sports-


The history of fantasy cricket began from 1962. It was the very early stage of fantasy sports. At Milford Plaza Hotel in New York City in March of 1962, Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach and a few others from the Oakland Raiders Organization conducted a get together and draw out the basic rules for fantasy football. After drawing out the rules for fantasy football, the first fantasy league was made in 1963. The name of the league was Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League.

Open to public

1969, was a lucky a year to the sports lover. In this year, founder of Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League announced the league to be open for public. It took some time to understand the concept of fantasy sports by the public. And, by 1989 there were around 1 million people who were interested in playing daily fantasy sports.

Evolution of Internet

By 1990, when the internet was introduced, then the popularity of fantasy sports skyrocketed. It was easy to get information about the cricketers and games online. In 1999, a first fantasy sports system was introduced by Yahoo! Inc. It was free to use and even up to the present day, Yahoo! Inc. still exist in the Fantasy sports sector.
It is the time when FSTA came into the picture. FSTA refers to Fantasy Sports Trade Association. This is because Internet revolutionized the whole concept of fantasy sports. It was natural to expand in terms of numbers of players, websites and leagues. So, there was an urgent need of any regulatory body to check over the rules and regulations.

Legal Activity

As the popularity of fantasy cricket grew, some people debated that Fantasy sports should be illegal and considered as a gambling. But after lots of debate, it was concluded that fantasy sports is a game of skill and not game of chance. Then, it was declared that fantasy sports are completely legal because here the winnings are totally based on skills and understanding of game.

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