Great Strategy to Win more Money in online Fantasy Cricket

You might be following cricket for many years and have a clear idea of how the sport works. You might have realized by now that cricket matches are won by many factors apart from the player’s ability. These factors help you predict the game and hence vital in fantasy cricket. It is crucial to keep an eye on these several factors while choosing your team to play fantasy cricket.

One of the essential strategies to win more money in online fantasy cricket is by studying the matches, pitches, and the players carefully. Reviewing these will help you choose the players wisely and hence, win more money.

Pitch is the first factor that decides the direction of the game. Hence, it is essential to study the pitch. Given below are some ways pitch affects matches and how you can select players judiciously upon analyzing the pitch.

1. Pitch performance:
If there were previous matches played on the pitch, study the pitch performance. The way the pitch has behaved during the last recent games will give you an idea about the nature of the pitch and consequently, help you to select players wisely and form the team.

2. Nature of the pitch:
Every player is comfortable playing in a different pitch. Some might not find it difficult to play in a wet field while it might pose a challenge for the rest. Even the best and the most experienced players fail to perform well because of the pitch. Hence, it is crucial to select the players based on the nature of the pitch. For example, if a particular pitch is favourable to score runs, you pick more batsmen than bowlers.

• Flat pitches: It is easy to run on flat pitches. Hence, flat pitches are beneficial to the batsmen. Select more batsmen than bowlers. You can even consider choosing around eight batsmen. If not, you can select many all-rounders as well.

• Low pitches: choose the correct blend of bowlers and batsmen in such pitches matches played on such low pitchers end up as low scoring matches. Low pitches are favourable to slow medium pacers as long as they get the length and line correct.

• Bouncy pitches: Bouncy pitches are ideal for fast bowlers. These pitches offer fantastic bounce and hence select a maximum of fast bowlers for such pitches. It also helps with the wickets. Moreover, it is difficult to score runs in such pitches, so it is sensible to confine the number of batsmen.

• Spinning pitches: These pitches are favourable for the spinners. Make them your priority during team selection. Captains choose spinners to open the bowling in these pitches as it is easy to get early wickets.

Player selection
So now that you have decided the number of bowlers and batsmen you need in your team, it is essential to know which players to select. You cannot expect to win money merely by picking all the famous players. As mentioned above, some pitches are favourable for some players, and even the most reputable players tend to play miserably in certain pitches. So apart from the pitch factor, here are some factors you must consider while selecting players.

1. Performance:
You must see how the players have been playing in the recent previous matches, and this will give you an idea of the player’s form. A player tends to perform consistently for a period when he/she is in form. So select the players who perform well rather than choosing only a reputable player although he/she has been plying miserably recently.

But performance is not a definite factor as the reputable players might suddenly come in a form in the next match, or the one playing reasonably well consistently might lose form in the next game.

2. The right mix:
The most significant advantage of selecting the talented players over the famous ones is that the famous players come with higher price tags. It means that if you only go on choosing reputable players, you are left with little or zero credits.

Hence, it is crucial to balance your team with the popular as well as the upcoming players as it not only helps build up a strong team but also helps you manage your credits.

Also, fantasy cricket rules might restrict the number of foreign players depending on the type of match. So make sure that you research thoroughly about all the international players even the non-reputable ones to pick the right players. To conclude, choosing all-rounders helps go a long way to win money.

3. Unbiased sections:
Do not select players just because they are your favourite. Favourites do not help you win money. Choosing them over the performing ones is not practical at all. Moreover, never make the mistake of not selecting amazing players just because they belong to the team/club you hate the most. Your primary focus must be on building a strong team rather than a team of your favourites.

4. Captains:
Fantasy cricket allots more points to the captain and the vice-captain. So choosing your captains wisely helps you win more money. An ideal choice is an all-rounder as they perform well and are good at tackling the ball and the bat, fetching you more points.

5. Match:
Choose players according to the match being played, such as the T20 or the IPL. If it is a T20, then choose the top order batsman. Openers and number 3 batsman play the maximum number of overs.

6. Weather:
Choose players depending on the weather as weather can change the pitch. Most of the players are bad with wet pitches while some can still play well on the damp pitch.

Above all, do your research thoroughly. More the study, greater are your chances of building a great team. So these were some of the great strategies to help you create an exceptional team and win money. Choose only reputable portals to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

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