The Future of Fantasy Sports In India

Fantasy sports are becoming popular day by day in India. There are 33 million people in the India are listed as the fantasy sports players. By looking at the fan following, it is easy to judge that fantasy sports have already become a huge phenomenon worldwide and is only growing with time and technology. So, there is no surprise in saying that fantasy sports have become one of the most favorite game for sports lovers. However, earlier there were long seasonal fantasy games, but now there are various kinds of daily fantasy games which attract the gamer more.

Fantasy sports in India

Over the past few years fantasy sports have made a significant mark in India. There are numerous providers who have come up with idea of launching fantasy sports platforms and in many instances in India, out of which most of them mimic the offerings of their counterparts. However, it will only as long as the providers will adapt it to an Indian audience and ethos.
Therefore, a platform that incorporates the players or the fans and the brands, and where everyone is winning and there are no sore losers- is the best way to forward for fantasy sports in India. Howsoever, these organizations have been claiming a steady growth to their user base and have been winning in the last two-three years.

Future of fantasy sports

If we look at the craze for fantasy sports in India then, India could be the next fantasy sports destination. As the number of sports lovers and fantasy players in India is increasing day by day, nowadays sports lovers just need a chance, where they can engage themselves in their favorite games. If we have a look at the players, then most of the fantasy players are huge fans of sports, which make them to keep a track of their favorite players and games.
As per the observation, the number of fantasy sports player is increasing at the rate of 30-50% by every coming year. Most probably the industry in India is likely to cross 50 million users in the next four years. Due, to the rapid increase in the internet usage amongst the youth in India, the trend of fantasy sports is increasing fastly.
Fantasy cricket has also been given a green signal and been legalized by the supreme court of India. It is officially recognized as the game of skills and not the game of chance. The Indian laws are in the favor of fantasy sports and that is why the Indian population is appreciating this game so much.
If we look at the potential for fantasy sports, then it is on a high peak and the growth is obvious in India. Fantasy sports in India have seen a drastic growth over the past few years and mainly for the fantasy cricket particularly during the season of IPL.

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