Why Fantasy Sports is Considered as Game of Skills

There is no doubt in saying that the number of people playing fantasy sports in India is skyrocketing. They are reality based games in which participants have to decide their own team on the basis of their skills. After that points are awarded on the basis of player’s performance. This sport includes cricket, hockey, football and kabaddi as well.
Now the question that turns out regarding this game is that whether this game is gambling or just a game for enjoyment and fun? If it is gambling, then it should be illegal but fantasy sports are one of the legal game in India, U.S., Australia and England. It is totally considered as Game of Skills not Game of luck.

1. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, fantasy sports are not gambling and also they do not belong to any form of gambling. But when you put bets on match then it becomes sports betting and considered as game of chance that is totally illegal.

2. No betting, players performance matters

In fantasy game, there are intelligent decisions taken by the participants based on the performance and skills of selected players. There is no betting involved in the game for winning and lose. All the points are awarded on the basis of player’s performance in the real match.

3. Skills are dominant than chance

Success of fantasy games is entirely depends upon the superior training, knowledge, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. In the fantasy games, elements of skills are dominant than the elements of chance. That is why it is a game of skill.

4. Different types of skills matter to be successful

There are lot of things that need to be taken care in account for winning these fantasy games. They are just more than the simple depth charts and statistics to win. A participant need to consider account injuries, weather patterns, coaching styles, home, prospects, away statistics and many other pieces of information to become successful in these fantasy sports game.

5. Fantasy sports players are different from sports bettors

Although, fantasy sports are related to rewards, prizes and money but the main motive of this game is to provide fun and entertainment to the players. It focuses on enhancing the knowledge of cricket rather than earning money. That is why mostly players in India participate in free contest that have no cash prize. Also, there is no requirement to deposit any money for playing this game.
The top reason illustrated by the fantasy sports players for playing these games is to give competition and win competition. They want to use their sports skills in the virtual game. They don’t want to cheer the players, they want to cheers for themselves and for their skills. That is the reason Fantasy sports are considered as GAME OF SKILLS.

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