How to Earn Money from Cricket?

In today’s time, cricket is not only a popular source of entertainment, but has also become a means of earning money for most people. There are mainly two practices that help people earn money from cricket. These are live betting and fantasy cricket betting.

Live Betting

Initially, people used to make money from cricket by indulging in live betting. People used to monitor the live matches and bet on the players. Depending on the performance of the players they used to bet on, people earned or lost money. Since it was one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, more and more people began to indulge in this practice. Live betting is the traditional form of betting. Here, people bet on the outcome of a single ball or an over as the match progresses and not on the entire match. The earning in this form of betting was quite limited and therefore a new concept of betting evolved.

Fantasy Cricket Betting

Fantasy cricket betting is the modern era of earning money in cricket. This ideology has overcome the limitations of live betting and made it much more exciting and interesting for the players. There are several platforms on which you can participate in fantasy cricket betting and start earning money. The rules and regulations are simple to understand.

Fantasy cricket betting introduces the players to a whole new level of gaming experience. The players are given an opportunity to create their own team by choosing their favourite players. It is not necessary that the players should be a part of a single team. If the player that you choose in your team performs well on the live match, then you get points. The rewarding system is according to the performance of the player. You can choose the type of format of the match you want to bet in like a T20 match or a One Day Internationals (ODI) match. It is advised that you keep the format of the game in mind at the time of making the player selection.

The earnings of fantasy cricket betting is much more as compared to live betting and this is the reason why most people are switching over to fantasy cricket from live betting. There are various parameters that you can choose for betting in fantasy cricket. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Stats- Most people bet on stats when it comes to fantasy cricket betting like who is going to make the maximum runs in the tournament, who is going to hit the largest number of boundaries and who takes the maximum wickets.

  2. Tournament- In this parameter, the overall result and performance of your team is calculated. If all the players in your team have played well in the live match, then your score would be higher than the other teams. If you have the highest score amongst all, then you are going to win the tournament and earn a good sum of money.

The above mentioned practices will not only help you earn money, but also help you indulge in the world of cricket even more.


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