Difference Between Gambling & Fantasy Sports

There’s a big debate among the fantasy players and gamblers that Fantasy sport is a form of gambling. But this is actually not true! According to Federal Law, fantasy sport does not qualify the requirement of gambling. They are entirely different. Let’s see the difference between gambling and fantasy sports.

Fantasy Sport v/s Gambling- Definition

Fantasy sport is an online game played by sports lovers. In this game, participants make their virtual team of online players and the points are awarded on the basis of the selected players in their real match. There is a point system which is different for different activities. It is totally unbiased game in which participant will take their decisions by making their team.
Gambling is an art of making predictions. In gambling, we have to play the game on the basis of assumptions. In this game, either you will lose a good amount or will win a healthy amount. It is totally illegal activity and sometimes become addictive.

Fantasy Sport v/s Gambling- Concept

While differentiating fantasy sports and gambling, one can easily understand the basic concept that Fantasy Sport is game of skills and Gambling is game of chance. Yes, Fantasy sports are known as game of skills, because in this game participant need to apply their skills of sports like selecting right combination of player in a single team and making a strategy for play. All the success depends on the skills of planning.
Gambling is purely a game of chance because there is no surety of winning the game. Betters make their bets on the assumptions. All the success depends upon chance and that is why people say it is a game of luck. If your luck is with you, then the game will favour you and could lead help you win big rewards and jackpot.

Fantasy Sport v/s Gambling- Legality

The most basic difference between Fantasy sports and Gambling is the legality. Fantasy sports are completely legal in many states of India. Many people play fantasy sports for entertainment purpose over earning or winning. But if you talk about gambling, then it is completely illegal. Gambling is crime and if one get caught, then there is punishment too.


In a nutshell fantasy sports are entirely different from gambling. It is the game for those sports lover who want to indulge themselves in the leagues. If you are interested in any sports, then you should also try this free fantasy game for enhancing your sports knowledge.

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