Difference Between Free And Paid Online Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Fantasy cricket was never as big and exciting, as it is now! In fact, after revelling in the exhilarating India tour of Sri Lanka, millions of Indians are simply sitting tight in anticipation of the upcoming series with Australia, and then New Zealand. And why not? After all, fantasy cricket leagues have given them the much-desired platform to not just relate to their favourite sport, but actually be a part of the action!

If you happen to be one of those cricket enthusiasts who is eyeing the season to play fantasy cricket league for cash we believe that you’ve already registered yourself on India’s leading fantasy cricket website. However, that is just the first step. In order t make the most of your knowledge and the speculation skills, you will need to truly understand the difference between a practice match, and a cash contest.

Practice Contests

As the name suggests, a practice contest is meant for those who need some brushing up. If you’re new to the world of fantasy cricket, then this is exactly where you should be headed.

In case of these contests, you can pick any match of your choice and participate in the contest, that too without the need for paying any entry fee. However, that also implies that you will not be entitled to any cash prizes, even if you win the contest.

It is recommended for you to play at least half a dozen of these matches so that you get an optimal level of understanding regarding team selection, scoring system and an overall perception that you’re required to have. This will help you in a significant manner when you go ahead to play cash contests, and will considerably increase your chances of winning those.

Cash Contests

Cash contests are meticulously designed for those who have a knack for playing fantasy cricket. Given that these contests, require you to pay an entry fee for each match, while also giving you the incredible opportunity of winning daily cash prizes, you need to be better prepared for these.

So here is all you need to know about this type of contests –

  • Depending on the performance of your chosen players, your fantasy team will keep earning points, throughout the real-life match. These points will keep fluctuating, and will only be finalised once the match has come to an end.

  • The participant with the maximum number of points at the end of an ongoing match will be declared as the winner. He/she will be entitled to the cash prize. In case of multiple winners, the cash prize will be equally distributed amongst all the winners.

  • When playing a cash contest you can feel free to invite your friends and acquaintances along. You can do so by creating a private contest, and invite them via email or Facebook.

  • You can conveniently join in a cash contest, mid-series. All that you need to look out for, is that the deadline for the match that you wish to participate in, has not passed.

  • Once you have won a cash contest, you can conveniently withdraw your winnings to your bank account!

So, what are you waiting for? Start by brushing up your fantasy gaming skills via practice contest, and pave your way towards playing fantasy cricket league for cash, right away!

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