Cricket Fantasy IPL 2018: Play Fantasy Cricket & Win Real Cash Prizes

The IPL is a much awaited annual event – for the players, the marketers, and most importantly the fans, In the IPL 2018, eight teams battle it out in sporting arenas across the country. But, as the players battle it out in real-life, a new form of cricket has become popular in India – the fantasy league IPL. You use your skills of the game, and your knowledge of the players’ performances to create a team who will win an online fantasy match. Not only that, with each match played and points collected, you stand a chance to win real cash prizes.

Like real-life cricket, you have can join an fantasy league by registering yourself. In real life, teams have a chance to buy players at an auction. In the online version, register yourself, create a team and start playing.

In the fantasy world, your choices are not limited by your knowledge or geographical boundaries. You can choose across the teams to create your own team. You can choose Jofra Archer from the Mumbai Indians, Dwayne Bravo and MSD from the Chennai Super Kings, Virat Kohli from Royal Challengers Bangalore, Shreyas Iyer from Delhi Daredevils, Nitish Rana from Kolkata Knight Riders, Kane Williamson from Kings XI, or Rashid Khan from the Sunrisers Hyderabad. Be sure to pick batsmen, bowlers, wicket keepers, and follow the game to note the players performances. As the league progresses, you can change your playing XI to make your team more formidable and ensure wins. A smart strategist would choose the less famous players with the power to deliver results!

Keep in mind, it is the on-field performance of your players that will affect the points your team accumulates. A six, a four, a catch, a run, a run-out are all accorded points in the fantasy world. So, if your opening batsman hits a six, a certain number of points are given – it depends on the league game and its rules. These points are added as points instead of a score and at the end of the match, the points are added up. As is with on-field cricket, the team with the higher points is the winner.

The most interesting aspect of the game is you can participate in league matches instead of just a few random matches. If you win a league, you will earn higher rewards. Another differentiator between real-life play and fantasy cricket is the freedom to create and own more than one team. You can create multiple teams, and indulge in your passion to play in different fantasy leagues or your teams can compete in the same league matches. Be smart, and create a team with the capacity to win. If for some reason, the players, from whom you had a high level of anticipation do not perform, do not hesitate to replace them with players in-form.

Just like the real life IPL matches, the fantasy league cricket matches are played intelligently, and the more the matches you win, the higher the real cash prizes you are going to win!


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