Ashes 2017 – 2018 Match Schedules


The Ashes is one of the most coveted Test cricket series, traditionally played between arch rivals England and Australia. It is essentially a series of 5 tests, which is hosted in turn, by England and Australia, once in every 4 years. By Far, both the nations have won the series 32 times exact, while 5 series stand drawn. Currently, Team England holds the Ashes thanks to the 3 matches that they won in the series played in August 2015.

How the mane Ashes came to be, is quite an interesting story. In 1882, Australia won their first match on the English Soil at the Oval. Following this win, the British newspaper, The Sporting Times carried a satirical obituary, stating the death of English Cricket. The newspaper went on to state that “The body (of English Cricket) will be cremated, and the ashes taken to Australia”. Following this, the Ashes cricket game became an inherent part of the series, especially when the English captain Ivo Bligh, just ahead of the 1882-83 series in Australia, vowed to regain the ashes.

After England managed to pull off the series, the captain was given an urn by a group of women from Melbourne, as a congratulatory gift. While it has never been the officially the trophy for the series, the teams do hold the replicas of the urn, as a symbol of victory. Given that England enjoyed a sweeping win over the Australian Rivals in the 2015 series, the upcoming Ashes is highly awaited!

1st Test Match

Slated to begin in November 2017, the first test match of the series will be held from 23rd to 27th of November at The Gabba in Brisbane.

2nd Test Match

The next match will take place at the Adelaide Oval from 2nd to 6th of Dec.

3rd Test Match

The third test will be played at the W.A.C.A. Ground of Perth from 14th of the same month to the 18th.

4th Test Match

The fourth test of the series is designated to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground of Melbourne. It will begin from December 26th and go up to December 30th.

5th Test Match

The last match of the series will be played in the New Year 2018, starting 4th of Jan to the 8th of the month. This match will be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney.

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