When we think about the most football clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid and several English clubs come to our minds immediately. There is no doubt that if we consider the last years, these clubs have the most accomplishments. Deciding which club is the most successful is very difficult and we could do it in many ways. Today we will consider the number of trophies.

Most successful clubs


Before we start up with our list, we have to say that it is not the ranking of the best clubs at this moment. Or even ever in history. We had a look at the number of trophies that each popular club won. As it came out, many of them are not mainly from the most competitive leagues. For the surprise of many of you, there are no teams from England.


Does it mean that English clubs are not successful or strong? Of course not! Even the current Champions League champion is from that country – Manchester City. But because of English Premier League is by many considered the most close-fought league of the world. It means that clubs are not capable of winning the competitions many times in a row. However, last season, we had an exception. The Citizens repeated their triumph.

Porto – Portugal -74 titles


The first team on our list is the second most successful team from Portugal. Porto and Benfica (which is also included in our catalogue) have dominated national competitions for years. Porto is a team that won the Primeira Liga 28 times. To the considerable number of titles, we have to add 16 triumphs in the Taco de Portugal. However, the most significant successes are two wins in the Champions League. The most memorable one that probably most local fans keep on mind to these days. Definitively under the rule of Jose Mourinho in 2004.

Olympiacos – Greece – 75 trophies


The most successful team in Greece, Olympiacos Piraeus deserved the 9th place on our list. The most significant success? A definitively impressive number of wins in national championships. Olympiacos have won Greek Super League 44 times and Greek Cup 27 times. Huge Greece team did not do so well in European competitions, though. Once they came to Champions League quarter-final. It happened in 1998/99.

Benfica – Portugal – 82 trophies


Here we go with the second club from Portugal. Benfica, as a most successful one, won the Primeira Liga a record 38 times. They are also at the top of Taco de Portugal winners with as many as 26 titles. To the number of successes, we should also add two wins in European Cup (former Champions League) that took place twice in a row in years 1960/61 and 1961/62.

Real Madrid – Spain – 90 trophies


Another club on our list should surprise anyone. Maybe only by the relatively low number. Real Madrid is one of the most successful clubs in the history of football. People around the world come together to watch their matches or visit the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. They hold the record of winning in Champion League – 13 times. The last ones included three years in a row from 2016 to 2018.

Barcelona – Spain – 91 trophies


The biggest rivals of Real Madrid have won one trophy more so that they overtook Los Blancos. Barcelona for many experts is the most famous football club in the world. Massive impact on this fact has Messi. Barcelona won Champion League fewer times than Real Madrid. However, thanks to 26 wins in La Liga and 30 in Cop del Rey, they have one triumph more.

Celtic – Scotland – 105 trophies


Only five clubs in the world have won over 105 awards. First of them is Celtic from Scotland. However, we have another team from this country on our list. Celtic long with Rangers have dominated the competitions in Scotland. The “Green” team had 50 champion titles and one win in European Cup.

Atletico Penarol – Uruguay – 108 trophies


We get closer to the podium. You are going to be astonished by what we have here. The fourth team is Atletico Penarol from Uruguay. 108 trophies and it is not even the most successful team in the country! But no wonder they are so successful as they are in the top division since 1900. The most notable successes are 50 wins in Primera Division and 5 Copa Libertadores – a Southern American counterpart of Champions League.


Club Nacional de Football – Uruguay – 113 titles


Here we got the biggest rival of Atletico Penarol – Club Nacional de Football. The club is the most successful in Uruguay.  They won Primera Division 46 times and held three Copa Libertadores titles. Triumphs in national cups allowed them to overtake the rivals.


Rangers – Scotland – 115 titles


Rangers Glasgow listed on the second place. A team from the “Blue” part of a Glasgow is the most successful in Scotland. Mainly because of many wins in Scottish League – 54.  In the case of European competitions, their the most significant success took place in 1971/72 season when they won the European Cup.


Al Ahly – Egypt – 118 trophies


Huge surprise? Maybe, but when we get deeper in African football reality, we will not be as astounded. The Cairo club was announced “The Club of the Century” in African football. It is the best summary of over 100 years of Al Ahly history. They have won over 40 titles in their national league and many trophies in the continent.



The most successful clubs are not always the best teams in the world. However, none of the triumphs is accidental, so we should show respect to all teams on the list.



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