10 Most Important Tips to Always Win in fantasy Cricket Betting

Before participating in fantasy cricket betting, it is essential to understand how it works. The dynamics of this game can change quite rapidly which makes it one of the best sports when it comes to playing fantasy cricket betting. Mentioned below are thus a few tips which will help you ace this game.

Knowing the Pitch

In order to make accurate predictions, it is highly essential to the know the weather and the pitch. These two are very important factors which make or break any game. It is thus necessary to know them before playing fantasy cricket betting.

Only those players who are at the top of their game can play on any pitch and in any weather conditions. For instance, bowlers such as Stuart Broad and Kieron Pollard are known to be the best under the right conditions but can be a complete miss if the conditions are not favourable. In fact, Pollard is not a great player when it comes to Tests but in T20 he is a machine.

Advantage of Home Field

When a game is played on the home field, it provides a great upper hand. This is why, home field is another big factor to consider when playing fantasy cricket betting. For instance, when India plays in the country it is at its absolute lethal best as compared to when they play abroad. This is because the team knows and understands the pitches in the country. The same goes for any team when they are playing in their own country.

Weather Prediction

The weather can never be predicted with cent percent accuracy. However, knowing the pitch conditions can always help in offsetting the effects of this unstable variable when playing fantasy cricket betting. Bad weather can restrict the total number of over using the Duckworth Lewis method and bring down the target.

The best way for overcoming it is to have good knowledge of the team and knowing how they fare on various types of pitches. All of these can be used as part of the strategy for fantasy cricket betting.

Extreme Highs and Lows

From a strategic aspect, IPL T20 matches are radically different. The batting strategy involved revolves around the belief that higher the risk, higher are the rewards. Thus, most teams deploy the tactic of attacking during the death overs and in power plays. Singles are taken during the middle overs and boundaries throughout the match. If such a plan is devised, then a team can reach very high scores – a very important tip when playing fantasy cricket betting.

Not Over-Reacting to Big Partnerships

When playing fantasy cricket betting, it is essential not to over-react to big partnerships put up by batsmen. This is because many times, after putting up a good score together, batsmen tend to falter. Once this partnership is broken and a new batsman comes in, he takes time to settle in. This can cause a batting collapse which can be taken advantage of in fantasy cricket betting.

In the end, in order to win in fantasy cricket betting, one must have a good knowledge of modern cricket. Latest stats and odd can also be pivotal in striking gold in fantasy cricket betting.

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